•  People are saying....

    "Penetrate to the core of what is happening"

    "Jordana is a smart and witty woman, who makes use of a light interaction, but can penetrate gently to the core of what is happening. She will listen to you, really hear you, and she will use all of her skills, talents and strategies to help you get either to the bottom of your problem, or to elevate you the top of your possibilities. Her broad and intercultural experience make her a great choice for a wide variety of clients and challenges. If you are not even really sure what exactly you need, set up a consultation and she can help to get you on the right path. Highly recommended." —MFA, Dancer and DJ

    "Creates self-agency"

    "Jordana is fantastic at having the ability to slow down time and guide you through your own process, creating a sense of self-agency. She teaches you what to do and passes it on like a gift rather than withholding her healing wisdom. If you are someone who truly wants to get better, learn skills, and heal, she is definitely the right person as she values her clients' independence and exploration of their healing journey. Absolutely amazing!" —MA, Women's Rights Activist and Writer

    "Listens amazingly"

    "Jordana is incredible. Finally after circling around the city, I landed in the perfect hands! So much presence. So much flow. She holds space and listens amazingly, in a way that lets you open up and let go so effortlessly and willingly. I can't thank her enough! 🙏💕" —Men's Embodiment Coach and Yogi

    "The right balance of wit and depth"

    "Jordana’s unique style of therapy provides the right balance of wit, metaphor, and depth. Her training in somatics and bodywork makes her best suited to work with those comfortable turning toward the body for a sense of knowing. Jordana’s lived experiences as a mother, partner, artist, and caregiver (just to name a few) make her well-adaptable to accompany clients through many of life’s ups and downs. Jordana is not afraid to challenge perspectives and narratives in the service of her client’s goals and growth. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their therapist!" —AMFT, Psychotherapist and Singer