• I'm an integral psychotherapist

    And I'm accepting new clients just like you.

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    I work with individuals, couples, families, and children

    Together, we create a safe foundation where you can feel what you need to feel and process what you need to process. We build tools so you can embrace your core quests as sources of power. And we practice taking the baby steps and bold leaps that help you achieve your goals.

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    I got my Master's in Integrative Psychological Counseling at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and did my training in Expressive Arts Therapy at the Chicago Center for Creative Arts Therapy. I'm primarily a relational therapist, which means I put the trust and safety of our therapeutic relationship at the heart of everything we do together. And I also use some other lenses. For example, my somatic therapeutic work is based on fourteen years of being a CA-licensed bodyworker, four years of being a registered yoga teacher, and thirty years of mindfulness practices. I also have certifications in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, DBT, and MBCT, and have passed Gottman Couples Training Level 2.

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    Personal History

    Therapy History: I was a freelance counselor in Berlin for some years. I did somatic and creative counseling with international rainbow zebras of many stripes there. I also helped startup incubators develop concepts like fostering creative flow, emotional intelligence, and dynamic communication. Then I came back to California at the height of Covid and got my second Master's. I did my traineeship at Pierce St Integral Counseling Center. And I'm now at the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy in San Francisco.


    Questing History: I have taught tango in London, meditated in a monastery in Kyoto, designed landscapes in Seattle, painted theatre sets in Manhattan, written books in Lausanne, almost gotten bombed in St Petersburg, read Indian poetry in Amherst, cuddled a toddler in Buenos Aires, eaten fish tacos in Los Angeles, danced in a fountain in the Pyrenees, gotten heatstroke in Jerusalem, and shared heartfelt secrets in Chicago. The world is our oyster. But it's not a patch on the worlds that we all contain within ourselves.