• Creative therapy for curious folks

    In a life of conflict, we crave peace. In a world of alienation, we yearn for love.

    And in an era of disconnect, we long for understanding. So let's make that happen.

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  • Are you ready to step into your own power?

    You're done with the old chapter. Let's bring on the new one.

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    Do you celebrate your truth...but feel "different" because of it?

    Are you a visionary, a creator, a pioneer...but old stories are holding you back?

    Do you want to live out loud...but feel overwhelmed?

    Do you walk through fire for your values...but feel exhausted?

    Do you know you're needed...but also feel anxious and lost?


    I'm here to support your quest. Creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, freelancers, inventors, philosophers, athletes, magicians, pirates, heretics, wanderers, wonderers, and renegade chocolatiers...I am here for you.


    And together we journey into a life that is aligned and authentic for you. A life that is peaceful and sustainable. And most of all, a life that is your best life yet.

  • You've had the power within you all along

    You are the hero of your own journey. Yes, you may be going through a dark chapter right now. Heck, you may have been going through a dark chapter for a long time already. "When do I finally get to move on to a brighter chapter?" you may even be wailing. Fortunately, you have tremendous power within you. And it is possible to reconnect with that power, embrace that power, and use that power for your own greatest transformation. The power to heal is within you, and always has been. But accessing that power can be tough if you're all alone!


    Humans heal in relationship. This is where I come in. I use our safe, supportive, therapeutic relationship to help you align your inner power with your outer quest. We explore your journey with compassion, curiosity, tenderness, and playfulness. We walk together, every step of the way, straight into this fascinating new adventure that is your life. And with every step you reconnect with the power that was always yours all along.


    It's time for you to thrive.


    So if you're curious about finally living the empowered, supported life you've always wanted to live, please book a consultation with me today!

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  • It takes YOU to tango

    Couple, family, and polycule therapy


    Couple, family, and polycule therapy offers an exciting chance for transformation, not just for the dynamic of the couple or family, but for every individual involved. There's a special kind of healing that happens when more than one partner in a relationship shows up in the therapy space. Because when a couple or a group enters the therapy space, their interpersonal dynamics play out in real time, offering real opportunities to notice and address situations while they happen.


    My couple, family, and polycule therapy is a collaborative enterprise. I help everyone involved develop a greater understanding of how their relationship is currently working, and a greater understanding of themselves. Together we develop trust, respect, and compassion for one another in a safe space. We explore healthy communication practices, build emotional management tools, and investigate personal responsibility.


    Most of all, we explore what it means to love.

    Michelangelo: Doni Tondo — 1507
  • How it works

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    What's the container?

    I am a California Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (CA AMFT #146160) and California Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (CA APCC#16298) working under the auspices of the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy in San Francisco. My supervisor is Svetlana Kreimer, CA LMFT #53525.

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    10 minute intro phone call

    We introduce ourselves. You briefly explain what brings you to seek therapy. I make sure that what you're looking for is within my scope of practice. (If it isn't, I'll provide you with some great referrals.). If you'd like to move forward, we then schedule our first telehealth session, and I send you some intake paperwork to get you started.

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    Weekly 50 minute telehealth sessions

    We meet weekly for 50 minute telehealth sessions. As a relational therapist, I prioritize the trust and rapport that weekly meetings foster. I have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

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    ....Or walk-and-talk!

    Sometimes a good walk can help in a way that sitting in front of a computer just can't. So I also offer walk-and-talk therapy near and in Golden Gate Park. I have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

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    Invitations for further investigation

    I like to offer my clients invitations for further exploration that they can play with on their own between sessions. That may be skill-building, awareness cues, mindfulness practices, or an invitiation for curiosity.

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    How much?

    $150 for individuals

    $180 for couples and families

    48-hour cancellation policy

    I take all major credit cards and HSA accounts.

    I am happy to provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company.

  • But don't take my word for it....  

    "Exceptionally insightful"

    "Jordana is a skilled, patient, and exceptionally insightful therapist. When I was in dire personal circumstances, she was there for me to listen, reflect, and help me get to the core of the issues, and by my side to support me in my journey. She is gentle yet no-nonsense, compassionate yet direct. It is extremely rare in my experience with therapists to find someone so very present, dedicated, and masterful in their job to improve lives in a deep, lasting, fundamental manner." —PhD, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Researcher

    "Extremely present"

    "Jordana is amazing. Combining many different techniques she finds the keys that unlock your soul allowing for change to happen. Despite her extensive training and experience, there is never a feeling of that she is going through a list of moves. She is extremely present and meets you on several different levels, exactly where you need her." —PhD, Negotiator and Philosopher

    "Excels at helping people understand their struggles"

    "Jordana excels at helping people understand their struggles in a way that feels resonant, interesting, and important. She provides a narrative framework for each person to understand their own path on the hero’s journey. What’s deeply personal ties into the universal wish for living with ease, skill, and peace." —MA, Alexander Technique Teacher and Berkeley Repertory Faculty Member

    "Wise and empathetic"

    "I have had several sessions with Jordana over the years and she has really helped me understand and transform parts of my life that weren’t working. I have found her to be wise, insightful and empathetic, and she has a inspiring and creative way of helping you to understand truths so that you really get them. She is also genuinely very kind so you never feel judged. I would definitely recommend her. I think she is a rare gem and I have learnt so much from her." —PGCE CMT, Pianist and Bodyworker

  • Ready to step into your own power?

    Please leave me a message at 415-936-0369.

    Or send me a message in the form below.

    I look forward to hearing from you! 

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