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    Please join me for fun and adventure

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    Once upon a time...magic happened. Come discover the tale inside you! This event is for adults. Ages 14 and up, please.


    Step away from your computer and please join me for a morning of make-believe, miracles, and magic in the Rose Garden at Golden Gate Park!

    Fairy tales reconnect us with something juicy, wild, and unnameable that lives in all our hearts. When we hear them we explore the puzzles of what it mean to be human.

    This is a series. This Saturday we will be exploring a tale as old as time: Beauty and the Beast. We'll hear it shared aloud, the way people used to share fairy tales. We'll play some mindful imagination games. We'll explore what this story brings up for us as individuals. We'll try on different characters, and discuss what resonates with us about each character's journey. We'll experiment with some journalling, maybe some free doodling if that's your thing. We may try taking the story in a totally new direction as a group. And we'll explore telling new, personal tales of our very own.

    Get in touch with the magic that lives inside you.

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    Reconnect with your sensual enjoyment of life!


    A supportive group where women reconnect with their own erotic selves, their own creative sensuality, and their own sparks of desire.

    Stella, it's time to get your groove back. Please join me and a group of like-minded women in the Rose Garden, while we get back in touch with our own juicy life force.
    This group is a space to share your truth with other women who get it. A space to experience the support of like-minded souls. A space to hear and be heard.
    It's also a space to reconnect with your own unique way of finding joy. A space to explore how you feel delight. A space for curiosity about about your own erotic sense of play. And a space to reclaim agency over your own saucy journey through the world of possibility.
    Please join us for inspiration to help you feel confident, empowered, and alive.
    We'll play mindfulness games, and ask ourselves questions. There will be journaling, maybe some drawing. Definitely some safe somatic exploration of ourselves and the world around us. You are invited to share as minimally or as deeply as you feel called to do.
    We will be outside, so please wear weather-appropriate clothing. Bring something to write with and something to write on, something to drink, and something to sit on so that you can comfortably sit on the grass.
    Chocolate will be provided.